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A severe breach of rules leaves Vodafone red faced and left to apologise on Twitter. – #Vodagate

Yahoo’s Hidden Treasures Are in Asia

Understanding Google Insights: You Can’t Estimate Traffic with It | Search Engine Journal

Tweetedia: Make a Twitter widget and make money. 100% free.

5 things you need to know about Chinese New Year marketing – think Thanksgiving and Christmas all rolled into one.

TVGorge Lets You Stream 120+ Popular TV Shows, With No Geo-Restriction – buty how legal is it?

Facebook’s Project Titan: A Full Featured Webmail Product

Meet Siri: A Virtual Personal Assistant That Actually Works, Deciphers Drunken Slur | Popwise | Fast Company – really interesting voice-integrated service – 10 tips to travel to Japan

FillAnyPDF Lets You Electronically Fill In and Sign Any Form – Document management – Lifehacker

The Official Microsoft Blog : Measuring Our Work by Its Broad Impact – fellow WaggEd veteran, now Microsoft VP, corporate communications Frank Shaw responding to Dick Brass’ op-ed in the New York Times – pretty weak and pretty late IMHO. Shaw doesn’t address the damning indictment that Brass provided of Microsoft’s marketing – in particular its public relations efforts that Shaw and Pam Edstrom were ultimately responsible for over the previous decade at Waggener Edstrom.

Cover story: Common ad currency comes to mobile | News | New Media Age

INCUBOT Productions – Retro Robot Collectibles

Ten Trends of 20-somethings |

Google to enlist NSA to help it ward off cyberattacks – – I am sure that the NSA would love Google’s index and customer data as well.

Kulula Airplane Rebranding – PSFK – really smart thinking on this

The Auteurs – an art house cinema online.

Masters of Media » Professional networking sites and social-economic status comparison

The Best Way to Memorize Speeches and other Long Pieces of Text – Memorize Now

Teens Just Don’t Blog or Tweet [STATS]

The Return of China’s Treasury Angst

UK could get icons on behavioural ads | Pinsent Masons LLP

Gartner predictions on Social Media usage in Enterprises – broadstuff – “Companies will try to spy now, staff won’t like it, and some companies will go too far – expect regulation to emerge by 2015. Also, not all business functions and companies will have the same “bang for buck” from social media, so many will not really use it very much”

Space: It’s Still a Frontier – Opinionator Blog – – interesting op ed, especially when I saw firsthand what New York did the former elevated railway line that zigzag-ed around Manhattan – transforming it into an elevated park land called The High Line

Op-Ed Contributor – Microsoft’s Creative Destruction – – “Microsoft has become a clumsy, uncompetitive innovator. Its products are lampooned, often unfairly but sometimes with good reason. Its image has never recovered from the antitrust prosecution of the 1990s. Its marketing has been inept for years; remember the 2008 ad in which Bill Gates was somehow persuaded to literally wiggle his behind at the camera?” and “Microsoft’s huge profits — $6.7 billion for the past quarter — come almost entirely from Windows and Office programs first developed decades ago. Like G.M. with its trucks and S.U.V.’s, Microsoft can’t count on these venerable products to sustain it forever.”

Cisco’s Profit Surges 23% on Better-Than-Expected Sales – – video next big thing according to Chambers

OkTrends – interesting snippets on consumer behaviour