Apple: uncharacteristic lack of attention to detail

Reading Time: 2 minutes

We read the papers together first thing in the office so this advert on Friday for Apple and O2 promoting the iPhone caught my eye.

Apple | O2 advert

The screen in question is interesting for the icon on the third row, second from the right. It is for an application called QuickOffice.

QuickOffice old logo

This is what it looks like up close.


Unfortunately QuickOffice doesn’t look like that anymore, with the latest version upgrade the logo picked up a new design with a swoosh. You can see the new logo in this screen shot of my iPhone (again third row, second from the right).

It’s a pretty uncharacteristic error from Apple which is usually known for an obsessional attention to detail in all aspects of the customer experience from product design, to stores and marketing.

Secondly, why does the Sixt car rental application get so much play in these print iPhone ads all the time?