Southwest Air vs. Silent Bob

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Southwest Air is a brand that many outside of North America may not have heard of, however you have already been influenced them. Ryanair and other budget airlines across Europe stole their playbook for success from Southwest Air. It is the reason that they minimise turnaround time at the gate, do away with paper tickets, have a fleet of all the same type of plane and have a no-frills approach to flying.

It is the discount airline par excellence. Unfortunately over this Valentine’s weekend it came up against film director, comic genius and our favourite convenience-store weed dealer Kevin Smith aka Silent Bob.

Kevin is a knowledge worker, that means sedentary and so is not waif-like in his build.

KevinSmith (ThatKevinSmith) on Twitter (20100215)

Southwest Air sold him a ticket and then kicked him off the plane for being too big. A social media maelstrom ensued and the Southwest Air blog couldn’t hold its own.

SouthwestAir blog which has fallen over

Smith’s followers reigned down digital karmic payback on the discount airline in payback for the ‘Southwest difference’.

SouthwestAir twitter feed

It’s reputation shredded.