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Michael Geist – ACTA Internet Chapter Leaks: Renogotiates WIPO, Sets 3 Strikes as Model – secret world treaty shows how media company lobbyists plan to take the next stage of their war on consumers into law – micro-blogging service – really nicely designed, having had a quick play with it I think it would give Twitter a good run for its money if Twitter was allowed for use in China

Next Generation Connectivity report – US take on the future consumer behaviour around broadband

Premier Hu Jintao On China People’s Daily Online Microblogging Service | China Web 2.0 and Asia Tech News, Open Web Asia

Chinese Microblog Roundup |

Social circle and content – Google

Ruder Finn Public Relations – Study Shows Teens are the New Digital influencers, Driving Moms Online -disclosure: I work for Ruder Finn

The Obvious? – Why blogging will (still) change the world – a Euan Semple pot from wayback that I only just got around to reading now.

Yiyi Lu: The Lonely Rising Power – China Real Time Report – WSJ – digging in behind some of the Sino-photic rhetoric behind western commentary on Copenhagen. / Telecoms – Students power BlackBerry growth – I can completely understand this, I miss a proper keyboard a la the Nokia Communicator

The Marmarati / we are social – nice social media case study

Olympic bullying drives goggle-maker to verse Boing Boing – the IOC is doing itself no favours apart from cheapening the Olympic spirit and the games with their petty-mindedness

Edelman Trust Asia Pacific Finds – Bloomberg TV | Full Count – interesting stuff here about the differing views of NGOs between East and West. Employees most trusted source of information on a company

L+E Visual Thinking Archive – a set on Flickr – interesting set of infographics, thanks to Rachel.