Resurrecting a brand from the dead

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If you were a child of the 80s like me, one of the seminal moments of this decade was Back To The Future which was to product placement what Led Zeppelin were to drum solos. You were introduced to brands like Calvin Klein underwear, JVC camcorders, Aiwa personal stereos and the DeLorean motor-car. Being a music addict at the time, I lusted after Aiwa’s personal stereo range which were proto-iPods in terms of their product design coolness. Unfortunately Aiwa imploded as part of the Sony keiretsu and was last seen on cheap DVD | TV combos sold in ASDA – a terrible fate for a formerly great electronics brand.

My car-obsessed friends wanted a DeLorean motor car (preferably with an aftermarket flux capacitor installed); DeLorean had a slightly more glamorous fall from grace involving bankruptcy, suitcases of money and cocaine – if it wasn’t true, you couldn’t have made it up. One of them recently bought an old Audi Quattro because it had a digital dashboard that reminded him of ‘the Back To The Future car’. Unlike Aiwa, the DeLorean brand is rising from the dead. The relaunched DeLorean Motor Company (backed by casino owner Steve Wynn) has relaunched itself with the aid of social media. Feel free to take a look here to see how they are using Facebook, Twitter and free wallpaper downloads to reignite interest in the brand.

Archived from blog posts I wrote for PR Week