Driving seat: flavors.me

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flavors dot me, originally uploaded by renaissancechambara.

flavors.me is a website that allows you to aggregate your social media personas in one place without having to build your own web page to do it. In sharp contrast to profiles like LinkedIn, it provides a lot of customisation.

You can direct URI to it, pick one of half a dozen or so layouts, chose colours and backgrounds with more flexibility than Twitter offers and put your own background image in.

I set one up, not because I think that flavors.me is the future, but that it allows my personal presences such as my blog to become even more discoverable.

In the end flavors.me, sits between two stools. On the one hand you live an active social life online, but on the other hand you don’t want to spend your time creating your own web presence then flavors.me is for you.

It is refreshing to see a web service that isn’t suckling from the tit of online advertising as flavors.me is a freemium product; if you want increased flexibility, analytics or your own URI on the site, then you need to pay an annual fee.