Grokking Wikipedia

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I didn’t put this down in the 29 things for PR people series of how-tos because I would then run the risk of being accused of polluting the site with PR piffle subjective content more orientated to the viewpoint of a paying client.

Wikipedia has a good resource that explains everything from what is acceptable content to their administration and management process. If haven’t read this as a PR person, go and read it now and don’t admit to anybody that you haven’t read this.

However as a netizen it is handy to have a bit of a handle on Wikipedia, in terms of how to put stuff on a page, or edit and update an existing page.

Wikipedia is based on a platform called MediaWiki. MediaWiki doesn’t use HTML commands in its pages to do things like embed images or link to other related articles. The synthax looks similar such as the use of <> and </>, but you need to know a different related language.

<ref>insert a URI here</ref>

This allows you to reference an external source which is essential for fact-checking and ensuring the quality of content in Wikipedia.

[[Name of page]] – where the name of the link is exactly the same as the title of the Wikipedia page that you want to link out to

[[Name of page|Text to display]] – where the text you want to link to is slightly different to the title of the Wikipedia page that you want to link to

Linking  within Wikipedia depends not on the usual <a href=> term that you would find in HTML.



In order to display the sources referenced you need to put code in place to display it.

[ text to be hyperlinked] – this will give you hyperlinked text
[] – this will give you a footnote like marker delineated as a number

If you want bullets:

* Text you want

For intented bullets:

** Intented text

For numbers substitute #

This should be a good point to start from, go and try it out in the Wikipedia Sandbox.