Links of the day

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Google and Transparency

Five Best VPN Tools – Vpn – Lifehacker

Magda Abu-Fadil: Arab Print Media Weather Financial Crunch Better Than Western Counterparts

PolicyTool for Social Media – love this is a good basis

Brazilian startup Compra3 launches group buying site | VentureBeat

Axe Cop – genius: a 5 year-old script writer and a 29 year-old illustrator create an awesome comic

YouTube Revenue Approaching $1 Billion Per Year [REPORT] – what do you expect from the world’s second biggest search engine?

Asia, Middle East Users Now 25% of Facebook – GigaOM – emerging markets bringing eyeballs, it will be interesting to see how Facebook can monetise that traffic

Can IBM Help You Write a Better Blog Post? – GigaOM – not exactly but uses a marketplace to ask for posts that people want

Google Acquires Docverse To Further Office Arms Race

Google Breathes Life Back Into reMail By Open Sourcing The Project

flame | peter blaskovic | escape motions – this is mesmerising. Have a play with it