Conservative technology manifesto analysed over at Left Foot Forward

Reading Time: < 1 minute

I spent a bit of this afternoon getting to grips with the just-published Conservative technology manifesto. This also meant having a read of James Dyson’s report Ingenious Britain: Making the UK the leading high tech exporter in Europe as this is referenced to, and borrowed from by the manifesto. The results of this quick download are over at Left Foot Forward.

What I found most dispiriting about the whole exercise is that it was obvious that whilst the UK has become a post-industrial digital country, policy making across all the parties is mired in analogue thinking and doesn’t demonstrate the kind of innovation and risk-taking which politicians would like to inspire in hi-tech entrepreneurs.

Social media may be used by the political parties, but digital issues are noticeable by their absence. Geeks and netizens are not being courted at the ballot box, but instead have been vilified and shunned by current and prospective elected representatives.