Links of the day

Experiment to Freak Out Expedia and – John Battelle’s Searchblog – this could be exceptionally disruptive and empowering for hotels. It screws the aggregators as their most profitable area at the moment is hotels, apparently there is no margin in flights

EU will probe google – The Inquirer – does Google need probing probably, but because of Foundem? Gimme a break

China has every right to be upset with Google right now – nice to see TechCrunch taking a more rational viewpoint on the China-Google issue

Toys R Us enters gun accessory market!!! | The Firearm Blog – the best thing I have read since the original reviews on Amazon of the Katie Price and Peter Andre album

Burger King: Whopperface | Ads of the World – genius, great advert and a great example of mass customisation, thanks to my colleague Hannah

Mark McLaughlin: Audiences Don’t Pay for Content

Coca-Cola top grocery brand by sales in UK – Warc News – Warc

Beet.TV: Anonymous Economist Writers Get Initials on Posts – Economist gets with the social media programme

Dr Martens uses music to build online presence – Brand Republic News – Brand Republic

Yiyi Lu: More Chinese Officials Will Become Media Stars – China Real Time Report – WSJ

China’s tech companies go global while no one is watching | Net Effect – why protests about Chinese internet policy are a mute point

Cinemek – Tools for film makers. – mobile storyboard composer

Top iPhone app prices drop steeply worldwide | VentureBeat

The Facebook Nestle Mess: When Social Media Goes Anti-Social

Social Media Today | The Economics Of Facebook Games

UK Anti-Piracy Lawyers Threaten File-Sharing Forum | TorrentFreak

We The Media – A quick timeline on the collapse of Cash Gordon … « FluffyKittens – Dan Catt explains what on earth #cashgordon was all about

Communities Dominate Brands: Paid smartphone apps – half get under 1,000 downloads! What does this mean

Amebaなう(アメーバなう) – celeb studded micro-blogging service a la Twitter

Prepare Your Company For Social Media Attacks « Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang

Hitwise Intelligence – Gen Ys most loyal shoppers to Appliances and Electronics sites

10 Ways All Employees Can Contribute to Link Building | Search Engine Journal