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UK leads European smartphone adoption – Mobility : News

Why South Korea is Winning the Broadband War – or why the US and most of western Europe is crap. This is the stuff that Labour and the Conservatives should be addressing instead of pandering to special interest groups in the Digital Economy Bill.

For millennials, work ethic not a defining factor, study finds – – gen-y are slackers too

Apple iPad: The Right Gadget For The Wrong Consumer | Forrester Blogs

Do Network Effects Span Geographies? – interesting post by Fred Wilson on whether location services like Foursquare will be a winner-takes-all game or whether there will be an ecosystem. The comments seem to have devolved into Team Ameria-esque political jingoism being traded back and forth

Spain: Digital Content’s Ghost of Christmas Future | Forrester Blogs – market crying out for different business models, media companies resisting

CHART OF THE DAY: Apple Gaining On RIM Fast – however it is a sample of just over 4,000 consumers

Why I won’t buy an iPad (and think you shouldn’t, either) – Boing Boing – interesting take on the iPad

RIMM: Goldman Sachs Cuts Rating To Sell; Sees Ests Falling – Tech Trader Daily

5 things you need to know about Shanghai Expo marketing

China online games market to hit $9.2B in revenues by 2014 | VentureBeat

Conservatives target people by salary on – Brand Republic

Learning From Asian Social Networks – long but good presentation by plus8star

BBC – The Mythology Engine: representing stories on the web

5 Things That Don’t Work on Facebook Pages (and 5 That Do)