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Epeus’ epigone: The Statute of Anne, the Digital Economy Bill and the Red Flag Act

Digital economy bill: One clown giveth and the other clown taketh away | Richard Stallman | Technology | – Richard Stallman on the Digital Economy Bill

China overtakes US and UK in social media uptake — Today’s Top Stories

Tribler Evolves Its Decentralized BitTorrent Ecosystem | TorrentFreak – no Pirate Bay required

Framework: Rings of Infuence « Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang

McKinsey Quarterly Strategy Newsletter – countering biases in strategic decisions – some interesting bits about game theory

You Are Not a Gadget: The Continuing Case Against Web 2.0 – some interesting analysis here

I’m Really Worried About What Apple Is Trying To Do With The iPad – Jeff Jarvis is a bit upset about the iPad

Twitter Going Mainstream in Japan, FujiTV Introducing New Drama Featuring Twitter – Twitter rivals already have Japanese celebs on board so not sure if this is getting the jump on them, or playing catch-up

Search Cloudlet – handy for research and getting more out of search

SenseBot – semantic search engine that finds sense on the Web – interesting research tool

Usage Patterns of Korea iPhone users | Korean Insight

Microsoft And The Next Web – good if rose-tinted overview of Microsoft’s current online offerings for consumers and enterprise

Rough Type: Nicholas Carr’s Blog: Digital decay and the archival cloud

Guest Post: Information Retrieval using a Bayesian Model of Learning and Generalization – interesting article on increasing search relevance. I know that Microsoft had done a lot of work on Bayesian mathematics for search

Social strategies choreography | Bubblegeneration

iPad app pricing: A last act of insanity by delusional content companies – pricing themselves out of business