Oprah Time: Engines of Creation by K Eric Drexler

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Drexler’s book Engines of Creation discussing the potential and ramifications of nanotechnology has influenced the great and the good of futurism from Wired magazine to science fiction writer Neal Stephenson.

I decided to revisit the book, even though it is about a quarter of a century old now. Drexler writes with stream of consciousness-style drawing from science and several centuries of western thought like a polymath Alan Ginsberg on amphetamines.

With his theories came justifications and some serious thought given to the consequences of nanotechnology.

The book is also an invaluable read for scientists in the face of skeptics. Drexler’s writings on the press and how they view science would be invaluable to a climatologists who now stand by ringing their hands when some of their science has undergone rigorous scrutiny. Drexler maps the kind of communications strategies that they should take.