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Ron Conway Explained // ben’s blog – great example of guanxi in action

Plancast – handy event-hype tool

Study finds pirates 10 times more likely to buy music

Doublethink – The Digital Economy Bill against the digital economy – Mike Butcher and the TechCrunch team outline why the next Google won’t be from the UK

Digital Economy bill: liveblogging the crucial third reading | Technology |

Europe considers changing Counterfeit Regulation | Pinsent Masons LLP

The legislative farce of the Digital Economy Bill | Pinsent Masons LLP – Former Fujitsu president sues over sacking – this is like something from a novel

Boots crackdown on ‘professional’ photos – what’s the law? (update 5.25pm) news – Amateur Photographer

Scientific Network | ResearchGATE – Facebook for scientists

Apple iPad: ‘Intel Outside’ – steve’s blog – iPad has apparently disrupted Intel’s X86 business. However it would be really easy for them to get back into the game by licencing the ARM core, they have the smarts and the process knowhow to blow everyone else out of the water. Interestingly, AMD made the same mistake but the author fails to mention that, or maybe they don’t even merit consideration anymore

Digital Economy Bill: Govt Forced To Drop Key Clauses | paidContent:UK

Digital Economy Bill progresses through controversial legislative ‘wash up’ | Pinsent Masons LLP

Build Your Own NYT Linked Data Application – similar to the Guardian Open Data initiative

PR Communications: Five More Fortune 500 Blogging System Reviews

Technology Review: Combing Medical Records for Research – great for medical researchers, could be used by insurance companies to pre-filter marketing efforts if privacy regulations aren’t iron-clad

Murdoch Says Newspaper Publishers Must Stand Up to Google, Bing – – interesting that he’s trying to build a coalition of the willing and even staking the success of The Times business on it:  Murdoch’s Plan For Paywall Success: Readers Will Pay ‘When They’ve Got Nowhere Else To Go’ | paidContent

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