Digital election? No thanks we’re politicians

A few days ago I blogged about how the UK general election looked like an imitation of the Obama campaign but missed many of the key lessons and outcomes that the Obama team got. So a Twitter discussion I was involved in this afternoon seemed particularly pertinent. Enjoy.

jamesdotwarren: so much for this being a digital election. parties’ efforts to date have been massively underwhelming

r_c: @jamesdotwarren yeah dialogue, responsiveness, being nice, being useful – not great political traits

jamesdotwarren: @r_c : )

deirdre: RT @r_c responsiveness, being nice, being useful – not great political traits <– you’ve nailed it, they see digital as a box of tricks ;)

I think that this exchange says it all, there isn’t anything else that really needs to be said.

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  1. It’s not a good comparison to look at US presidential elections. There everyone in the country has a chance to cast a direct vote for an individual person. You don’t do that in the UK, you elect an individual in your constituency. That makes a lot of things like ‘dialogue’ and ‘responsiveness’ a lot harder. Who are you going to have dialogue with or respond to? Strictly speaking as it’s one-to-one individual to individual it has to be only with people in your own constituency. For actual elected MPs there are even strict protocals preventing you helping people who aren’t in your constituency.

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