Thinking differently about youth marketing: to market to the youth within

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I walked past Model Zone on my way home for work and there is usually a collection of newly manufactured toys that I was familiar with in my early childhood. Action Man uniforms and dolls, Revell and Airfix kits. This evening I noticed something different: BigTrak.


A simple programmable robot truck with a number keypad on the back. Wikipedia has more about it here. Even by my standards this toy was dweebish. This re-release obviously wasn’t aimed at a new young audience but 40+year old youths with an extreme geeky streak. And its not likely to be just about collecting like Star Wars figurines or diecast car models. This toy is designed to be ‘played’ with.

Since the 1980s with aging of Rolling Stones fans aging has become different, older people remained mentally in their mid-twenties. But Bigtrak is something more a regression back to being a tween.  Graham Brown talks about youth marketing as a way of capturing the lifetime spend, but we also need to remember how to market to the youth within.