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Mass smartphone adoption threatens operators’ profits – Study claims it takes service providers up to 16 months to breakeven on a single smartphone subscriber due to support | customer services cost (study was done by a customer services firm WDSGlobal so you can make up your own mind if they are telling the truth or not). If they are it is a damning indictment of the product design | user experience of the handsets

NEC, Casio, Hitachi to delay handset merger until 1 June – interestingly it is being held back by an unspecified country’s antitrust concerns; my guess China or South Korea

Texting Top Teen Communication Link – not surprising their mobile device is the closest they have to personal space

What Motivates People to Participate in Social Media?

As Abbott Flocks From Palm To Twitter, Pass Becomes The First Twitter CTO – no-brainer decision for him

Luxury brands welcome EU law to restrict online sales | Pinsent Masons LLP

TelecomTV | ITU’s amazing facts: broadband prices drop like a stone – deflationary nature of connectivity steven vogel – smart interview with good stuff in it

Facebook ramps up fan and ‘community’ pages (Digital Knowledge Centre – Digital Intelligence) – interesting side note about Facebook backtracking and replacing previously deleted privacy options

Italian ISPs Ruled Not Responsible For File-Sharing Customers | TorrentFreak – media industry has to do the dirty work itself and foot the bill

Facebook Now Commands 41% of Social Media Traffic [STATS] – quest for global domination continues

Tim O’Reilly Explains the Internet of Things

Chinese E-Commerce Tops $38.5 Billion; What Comes Next?

Digital Media Consumption Increases – But Few Are Willing to Pay – I guess that poses a problem for the likes of Rupert Murdoch’s paywall business then

Facebook’s Community Pages Unleashed Upon World – mix of Wikipedia and community notation, how will this affect Wikipedia content creation?

Make BitTorrent Transfers Anonymous With BTGuard | TorrentFreak – not surprised that there is an uptake in these kind of services

city’super recipes – great recipes from the Hong Kong supermarket chain

A new way to measure word-of-mouth marketing – McKinsey Quarterly – Marketing – Strategy – some really nice stuff in here including research on the importance of WOMM to both mature and developing markets.

Airspace closure from volcanic ash may hurt Asian chip, handset makers

KMB Video Journal Home – interesting stuff on the US telecoms market

O’Brien: HP’s acquisitions cement company’s No. 1 status – – acquisition machine, has it become more efficient as it has grown. Fierce amount of employee churn as well

Tips for planning multi-language websites | Blog | Econsultancy – some good advice in this here

Hearst Appears Close To Buying Digital Ad Firm iCrossing For $375 Million | paidContent – yes Hearst the publisher

TalkTalk Opens Its Own ‘Incubator’ Office Space | paidContent:UK – in the former WorldOnline | Tiscali building. Mix of incubator and TalkTalk customer experience space.

Microsoft Edits Kin Ad to Dodge Anti-Sexting Backlash [VIDEO] – bit of a marketing FUBAR, this arrives on top of Microsoft failing to deal adequately with the sweatshop scandal see Fast Company’s Officials in China Find Labor Violations at Microsoft Supplier

More Execs Walk Away From Fox/MySpace: Slingshot Labs President & EVP Resign

It’s Official: Groupon Announces That $1.35 Billion Valuation Round – this feels very to me.

The State of the Internet: Now Bigger, Faster & Mobile – some nice statistics here

Is Piracy Really Killing The Music Industry? No! | TorrentFreak – TorrentFreak have been kind in this post and there is some good sales data here. They don’t point out that record companies go for the head rather than catering for the long tail which would make sense to the iPod generation: only make money on albums, slash rosters of non-blockbuster selling artists from late 90s onwards, slashed talent development from late 90s onwards

McClure’s Asia Music News | Foreign music’s position continues to weaken in Japan – Japanese consumers turning their back on western artists, I guess that screws western record companies who historically took the proverbial piss in terms of the amount they charged for concert tickets and regurgitated special edition albums.