Shameless plug: World Malaria Day

This weekend I have been hit with requests for donations for things like the London Marathon and sponsored bike rides so I know how irritating good causes can be en masse.

However one of the things I am most proud of I am at Ruder Finn is our work for World Malaria Day. It’s at this point that people try and pull on your heart strings, show you pictures of big-eyed orphaned children or try and impose their moral obligations on others. Not me.

A few (non-emotional) facts:

  • Malaria costs more man-hours than any other infectious disease (WHO)
  • Malaria causes an average lose of 1.3 per cent economic growth (WHO)
  • Malaria is an economic burden on countries affected, accounting for approximately 40 per cent of public health expenditure (RBM partnership)

More information here. Demonstrate your moral support here (no cash required).