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Q&A with Niall Ferguson – The money quote “The situation of the United Kingdom in fiscal terms is in fact worse than the situation of Greece. That may come as a surprise to you, but if you look at the most recent paper on the subject published by the Bank for International Settlements, it is very clear.” IMF intervention in the UK increasingly likely.

Slate’s interactive test of how open-minded your news diet is. – By Chadwick Matlin, Jeremy Singer-Vine, and Chris Wilson – Slate Magazine – really interesting media experiment over at Slate (based on US audiences)

Undercover persuasion by tech industry lobbyists – interesting undisclosed use of twitter by lobbyists breaking WOMMA ethics rules

Online Advertising Revenues Jump Almost 15 Percent In First Quarter – some signs of recovery

Why does the record industry hate music lockers? | Digital Noise: Music and Tech – CNET News – interesting dicotomy on contracts

The real reason why Steve Jobs hates Flash – Charlie’s Diary – post-PC world, the Bay area runs the risk of looking like Detroit

Open source codecs under imminent attack – according to Steve Jobs

iPhonegate: Q.&A. With Mark D. Rasch, Computer Security Expert – Bits Blog – – the ins and outs of the Apple – Gizmodo case from a legal perspective

A Weekend in Beirut – – I so want to go to Beirut and check it out after reading this article

Global smartphone shipments surge 50% in Q1 – smartphones are becoming the new normal due to Moore’s Law

EZTakes: 5,000+ strong DRM-free online video store – Boing Boing – smart consumer-focused media business

Facebook Becoming Too Big For Anyone To Question | WebProNews

The Reverse of Spam: WordPress Integration with SalesForce – ReadWriteCloud

5 Must Have Tools And Apps For Enhanced Facebook Experience