Links of the day

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Yahoo’s search model developing a new face – not quite sure what to make about this

Gmail Gets Its Name Back in the UK – shame it was a good way of separating out early adopters from the plebs

I, Cringely » Dry Powder – display company Microvision gets called out. Good cautionary tale about working with start-ups

Blue Skies | the human network – Mark Pesce on the power of word-of-mouth

@christineptran » Facebook vs. Google: The fight over trust – nice analysis of the current privacy changes at Facebook

Negotiating With Chinese Companies. Part III. No Frogs. – China Law Blog: a blog about Chinese law and the legal issues of doing business in China – good advise here and not just for the Chinese marketplace

Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know Google Maps Could Do – Google Maps – Lifehacker – via Rax

Let’s Just Admit Why There Are So Many “Job Hoppers” In Startupland – the downsides to working for start-ups (at least some of them)

Michael Geist – ACTA: Why You Should Still Care – good summary of the likely impact of ACTA as it stands

Asiajin » Google Losing Default Mobile Search Engine Position On Docomo i-mode Portal, A Gate To Half Of Japanese Mobile Web – if you have enough eyeballs and offer a good enough product even Google is vulnerable

Why Google’s Open Handset Alliance Has Been A Disappointment | mocoNews -in an acronym: PR

Post-80’s Chinese Moms Spoil Their Kids…and Themselves – AdAgeChina – Viewpoint – pressure dialled back a bit will this hit China’s economic success in a generation or two with less engineers and scientists?