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Russian advice: Nuke the oil spill, that’ll fix it! – god bless Mother Russia I love the crazy genius style of this

GE : Home Appliance Energy Use – really nice site by Pentagram, I love the icons

Patience Required As Chinese Companies Go Overseas «’s The China Tracker

The Scale Anticipation Fallacy // ben’s blog

E-commerce sales set to surge in China – Warc

New Media Knowledge – Who Controls Image Licensing? – Debates around the UK Digital Economy Bill – so the Digital Economy Act protects the music and film industry but doesn’t protect photographers and would this also render creative commons licenses redundant as fees and licencing rights go to a central government body?

News Corp’s Big Subscription Plan Coming Next Month – But What Is It? | paidContent – but will it work?

Why Europe is still in meltdown – The Curious Capitalist –

Nokia and RIM achieve record smartphone shipments in 1Q10, says Canalys

The Future of TV – “As more screens and platforms are added to the mix, marketers are perfectly situated to rethink how they engage with consumers and how they enhance the viewing experience instead of interrupt it. This is especially important as the 30-second spot continues to lose relevancy and effectiveness.

The experience of watching TV is already shifting from a lean-back to a lean-forward activity, driven largely by consumers who — while viewing — also surf the Web or text and chat. By harnessing the exploding trends in utility-driven marketing and interactive TV viewing, marketers can give value to consumers, particularly in the areas of commerce and social (e.g., co-viewing and gaming).

Tore’s IPv6 measurements‘Mac OS X has a problem in that it will prefer 6to4-based IPv6 over IPv4-based connectivity, at least if its local IPv4 address is an RFC 1918-based private address as commonly found in NAT-ed home network environments. This is unfortunate, as 6to4 has shown itself to be much less reliable than IPv4.‘ Good job BT is a bit slow on 21CN then isn’t it?