New school style, old-style service

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A long expected box arrived in the office the other day. I had been waiting for the past two years for Shawn Stüssy‘s latest project: the S|Double Studio to drop. The arrival of my order had been a bit disrupted by volcanic ash.

Box of S|Double goodness

The brown cardboard monolith was dropped on my desk by one of my colleagues when I was in at a client meeting. I cut open the box and found the items I had ordered neatly folded and separated like sheets of tissue paper. This was at odds with the usual experience you get from similar brands where the garments arrive in plastic bags that carry warnings about the possiblity of suffocation. This attention to detail reminded me of the old menswear store of Bernard Dervan & Co. where my Grandad used to buy his flat cap in the Irish market town of Loughrea.

The last shirt at the bottom of the box had an old-style luggage tag with real string (none of that nylon rubbish attaching it to the label. On the tag was a personalised message saying thanks for the custom.

Yo Ged

Small things, but the new kings of the hill like BAPE, WTAPS, Iron Heart Jeans or Buzz Rickson: a blend of new school style with old-style service.