Jargon Watch: Zucked

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In the 1990s it used to be that start-up companies ran the risk of being crushed out of existence by Microsoft. Names like Borland, Novell and even IBM suffered. Windows was the dominant platform in business and home use, the Rolling Stones did a special concert for the launch of Windows’95. Macs were used by a stubborn headstrong few, like me. Open source was the ketchup bottle without a lid for the vast majority of technologists out there.

This had a major impact on innovation in information technology. The internet changed everything because of its open nature. You could publish in HTML rather than having to use Word for electronic documents and the power of the net turbocharged the open source movement connecting disparate people on projects.

The internet sector is starting to come to the conclusion that the actions of Facebook have taken a distinctly Microsoftesque turn due to their disregard for consumer privacy and aggressively incorporating other start-ups ideas into the Facebook platform. The company has also being changing the rule book for members of its eco-system (apps developers including social gaming) to squeeze more money out of them.

Jason Calcanis described this process quite neatly as being ‘zucked‘ in honour of Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckenberg.  Subscribe to Jason’s email newsletter at Jasonnation.com