Oprah Time: Black Blizzard by Yoshihiro Tatsumi

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Black Blizzard is a product of post-war Japan, which was a hotbed of creativity. The improving economy meant that there was increased demand for entertainment, but television was not yet widespread. So a national network of lending shops sprung up around Japan that provided access to manga for an entertainment hungry audience. It was for this market that Yoshihiro Tatsumi started writing and drawing manga stories.

I had wanted to get hold of a copy of Black Blizzard for its famous use of ‘rough’ drawings and diagonal lines to convey movement.

black blizzard

I was not disappointed by Drawn & Quarterly reprint of Tatsumi’s work. The lettering and translation is sympathetic to Tatsumi’s vision. Black Blizzard is a classic work of pulp fiction that Dashiell Hammett would have been proud of, but with a nod to Bushido in terms of a heavy emphasis on duty, respect for authority and self-sacrifice.