Oprah Time: The Winter Men by John Paul Leon and Brett Lewis

Reading Time: < 1 minute

I was in Gosh! Comics and decided to take a punt on a book based on its cover. That book was The Winter Men by John Paul Leon and Brett Lewis. Leon and Lewis shake up the traditional superhero canon by basing their story in the post-communist Russia.

The main protagonist is a former special forces operative who is now a policeman weaving in and out of the political intrigue involving the mayor, the government, oligarchs and political factions. It is the most detailed dense graphic novel I have ever come across and I mean this in a good way. Leon and Lewis manage to encapsulate the intrigue and culture following the collapse of communism.

Without giving too much away the story has a new twist on superhero mythology which is a homage to the ‘man of steel‘. The artwork is bleak and dark, reminding me of Frank Miller’s artwork.