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US lawmakers target prepaid mobile anonymity – forget about getting a local SIM for when you travel to the US in the future. You can anonymise SIMs just like bank accounts taking them over from overseas students who go back home – Will proteins revolutionize computing?

Viewing a website is a ‘transactional decision’, says OFT’s behavioural ad study | Pinsent Masons LLP

Drill (Down), Baby, Drill: Facebook’s New “Simple” Privacy Settings Still Pretty Complex – Danny Sullivan lays the smackdown on Facebook

MIIT: China Added 8.497 Million Phone Users In April 2010 –

TechnoKimchi :: Why Google needs to do a FAR FAR better job in Korea – wrong on so many levels, Google seriously needs to clean house on this

How Apple’s mobile strategy popped a cap in Microsoft’s value | VentureBeat – Microsoft for years has suffered from a reputation discount, though recent business steps won’t have helped. Re Vista, Win95 was more of a dog in terms of product execution, it was marketing that dropped the ball

iPageRank – checking data across a number of services – does a similar job to Quarkbase and seems to be a bit faster