Shameless plug: Is online media monitoring ‘outright spying’

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Upon getting in to the office this morning I provided comment to Arun via the DM function on Twitter for Is Online Media Monitoring “Outright Spying”? published in / on The Holmes Report website.

I think that its part of a wider societal ‘norming’ process where ‘we the people’ are working out how much privacy they want, & where the
…boundaries should lie. It needs to be taken into account alongside a diverse range of issues from behavioural advertising, Facebook privacy
…to the deep packet inspection mandated by #DEAct. There is no mailing preference service for social media… yet. Online PR will need to
…further adapt and evolve as the societal norms in this space become established.

I was surprised that this subject had taken aback and been remarked upon by the industry as I saw this as part of the ‘norming’ phase of society getting used to social media; establishing the ettiquette expected of people and organisations and had been waiting for the other shoe to drop since late last year.

Whilst online marketers can say that the conversation was in the public space, that viewpoint misses out on the granularity of public spaces which we interact in.

For instance, imagine you were having a conversation in a crowded pub and I walked over from the far side of the room and entered the conversation with “Hello, I couldn’t help but overhearing…” or a similar circumstance in the bus queue or wandering around a shopping centre.

Whilst some people might welcome a pertinent intervention others may feel freaked out or violated. As with real-life, everybody’s perception and reaction to this granular nature of privacy is different.

It will be interesting to see how the general public work out where those boundaries are.