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GNU XaoS – exceptionally addictive fractal generator which is much faster than the applications I played around with on an Apple Mac LCIII with the fancier Trinitron-powered monitor. Happy days, simpler times as Stephen Davies would say

Blogger Demographics: Who is responsible for the majority of blog content?

Short Sharp Science: BP buys ‘oil spill’ sponsored links for search engines

Chinese Shanzhai Industry May Be Leading Consumer Electronics Innovation – PSFK

I, Cringely » Semi-Smart – interesting take on AT&T’s change of tariff for the new iPhone

Intellectual Property Watch » Blog Archive » China, India To Raise Concerns At WTO About “TRIPS-Plus” Measures, ACTA

BEAMS Tokyo CULTuART now available online – awesome

Monocolumn – Why giving up is hard to do [Monocle] – fascinating marketing tactics of Japanese Tabacco

Public Lectures and Events: podcasts – Podcasts – LSE

Digital media gains ground in South-East Asia – Warc

Fat China: A new book on Chinese obesity |

ANA’s Pokemon Jet Home Page | Design – I think that this is a great idea. The first time that I flew on a plane as a kid I was bricking myself, it wasn’t very child friendly. I would have felt much better flying on one of these

Australian Police Deputize Facebook

10 Excellent Tools for Creating Web Design Wireframes | Tools

Professional-Strength Social Media Aggregators – binding monitoring together