Mobile phones: what a difference 16 years make?

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My response to Nat Lanxon prevoked this post from Stephen Davies, so I decided to show my old and current mobile set-ups. Back in 1994, I used to have an Ericsson EH-237, which was a cracking phone – a complete revolution compared to the Motorola luggable handsets that I used at work and the 8000-series I used for out-of-work projects. This handset was regretably passed on to a friend when I went back to college to do a degree, while I downsized to a pager.


Now I use an Apple iPhone 3GS with a Mophie Juice Pack Air which maintains a usable total battery life of 36 hours typically. I use the iPhone as a connected PDA and SMS receiver.

My current set-up

My voice phone is a Samsung SGH-D780 which has a week long battery life and can use two SIMs at the same time. When I am traveling I pick up a local PAYG SIM for local calls, but can still be contacted by work and friends on my usual number. It also serves as a competent voice phone.