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Social Handset Maker INQ Bets on Android & Multitouch

Changes in the Search Landscape and How They Impact Search Measurement (comScore Voices)

The Anti-Web Movement Is Gathering Pace | paidContent – media industry tries to wind back the web

Analyst Makes the Case for Why BP Is Now a Screaming “Buy”

Free-to-play games will grow, but not as fast as some believe | VentureBeat

Will Twitter’s New URL Shortener Hurt SEOs?

Groklaw – Novell Appeals in Microsoft Antitrust Litigation on WordPerfect Claims

Is BP Headed for Bankruptcy? – The Curious Capitalist – – Is the Obama administration deliberately driving it to zero so it can get its interests in the hands of a US oil company. What will this mean to UK pension funds? || Google vs. Apple – could go to antitrust

Flickr Makes it Easy to Share Photos on Facebook – interesting move, I wonder if you can attach an account to a Facebook business page?

Mirror focuses on ‘audiences rather than impressions’ in online ad overhaul — Today’s Top Stories – interesting moves alongside the Times Online’s business model from reach to engagement