Not sure what to think about this

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A friend of mine pointed out a redesigned version of the US National Rifle Association site. Regardless of your opinion on gun control, the site makes nice use of flash and online video.

But all that Flash has a price, from a user’s point of view it is the time that it takes for the page to load. With this in mind I was struck by the standby (loading) screen that they displayed.

NRA loading screen

If you can’t read the picture it says:

Please standby for the NRA digital network and a

World-class online experience

Depending on your connection speed, it make a few extra seconds to load.

Is it just me or is the premise of this screen puzzling?

I find the promise of the screen rather muddled. Line one makes sense, although it does sound as if the page is introducing Johnny Carson rather than a website. I lose it on line two though: what is a world-class online experience and why would a large organisation like the NRA provide any less than a world-class experience? It is one of them things like being cool, that if you have to say it, it’s probably not true.

The last line is superfluous ‘a few extra seconds’ than what? Surely the percentage counter on the page should be enough?