Links of the day

Habbo Hotel Turns 10 – impressive business growth

Content Is No Longer King: Curation Is King – makes complete sense to me: from personal experience: from seeing the satori moment of colleagues grokking social bookmarks when I sit down and go over delicious with them, to thinking about the way first web portals (My Excite) and then RSS readers (Bloglines) transformed my media consumption providing me with a more catholic media diet  – the curated web be it Facebook and old school web portals or delicious and slashdot for the technorati has a huge impact

DigitalAgency: iPad Advertisements Perform Six Times Better Than Desktop Ads | iPad Weekly – that explains the Wolfram Research about making more money from mobile ads on the iPhone than Google Adwords that appeared in the Steve Jobs keynote at WWDC earlier this month

IBM To Acquire Coremetrics – Tech Trader Daily – – interesting how it positions IBM against Adobe and the McKinsey | Nielsen JV

Hitwise Intelligence – BP paid search campaigns – insight into BP’s reputational SEM activity

Finland To Decriminalize The Use Of Open Wi-Fi Hotspots | Benton Foundation – interesting move by a country that has been a wireless pioneer, just as the UK is going the other way

Singapore Gets Wired for Speed | Benton Foundation – makes you feel how inadequate Digital Britain is

Starbucks, Yahoo Partner Over Free WiFi | WebProNews – interesting how media and experience coalesce

craigslist blog » Blog Archive » Mere Happenstance? – I never really thought of Craigslist as a search engine but it does remind me of a directory now I come to think of it. I wonder how Amazon’s site search would compare to Jim Buckmaster’s list of search businesses

Forrester analyst: Google Docs is a failure ’so far’ | VentureBeat

Regulators determined to make Apple loosen its grip, says Bloomberg | VentureBeat – Obama administration about to make a big mistake

Starbucks to make Wi-Fi free, plus free access | VentureBeat – the interesting thing here is the free content provision. The Wall Street Journal becomes a lifestyle choice as well as a professional tool. Or your Starbucks cup says that you are serious about caffiene and productivity. Either way, a very interesting move

Groklaw – What Happened to my Creative Commons License? – Updated – great example of the conflict between the media and fair use, trampling over a content license

Can You Put a Dollar Amount on a Facebook Fan? | WebProNews

Will Google’s Index Size Increase With Caffeine? – yes eventually it will

15 more awesome social media infographics | Econsultancy

ACTA restricts developing economies, India tells WTO | Pinsent Masons LLP

Nielsen and McKinsey form social media joint venture – Brand Republic News – Brand Republic – more evidence of the marketing singularity

Bloggasm » Why aren’t mainstream news outlets giving a Salon writer credit for his groundbreaking reporting? – interesting article which raises questions about the power of online versus mainstream media and the myopic relationship with large institutions

Is it time to reconsider Google Buzz vs Facebook or Twitter? — Scobleizer  – interesting take by Robert Scoble