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In 1977 Star Wars changed cinema-goers experience forever. Saturday Night Fever marked the acme of disco music. Home entertainment systems like hi-fi and televisions were right at the end of a long association with furniture design, hence wooden end plates were mated to aluminium facias which would have looked more at home on the Apollo space programme.The minimalism of Dieter Rams work at Braun was a European thing, predominantly focused in the kitchen and the bathroom and the ‘blob’ nature of Philippe Starck works had not yet come about due to the cost of visualisation and tool.

Alt1977 by Alex Varanese

Alex Varanese is a Bay-Area based designer who tried to imagine who the technology of 2010 would look like if it was launched in 1977 instead. I asked Alex what his favourite instance of 1970s design was and he said it was probably the Atari 2600 games console – the influence of which can be seen thoughout the Alt1977 project.