Links of the day

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Facebook CEO Admits Growth Has Slowed – no clear understanding on the why though

The Most Powerful Secret In Facebook Ads – smart copywriting and leveraging of the social graph on Facebook’s ad platform

China Seeks To Rein In Online Payment Services « The China Tracker – – virtual currency to be regulated like regular banking

What is Social Currency? – Graham Brown lays it out for you

Microsoft: Reports of Its Impending Death Greatly Exaggerated | Kara Swisher | BoomTown | AllThingsD – damning indictment of Microsoft’s communications strategy that these analyses keep coming around

Adidas: We’re Beating Nike in the World Cup Brand War | Fast Company – interestingly Nike inherit a French squad with significantly diminished brand equity next year

Communities Dominate Brands: Full Analysis of iPhone Economics – it is bad news. And then it gets worse