Links of the day

Reading Time: < 1 minute / China – China joins global media with network launch – Xinhua-led project. Interesting that they are potentially looking at building out cable networks.

AFP: S.Korea ends Microsoft’s online shopping monopoly – this is likely to end the hammer-lock on the Korean internet that Microsoft has enjoyed.

KPLU: Is Microsoft in Trouble? (2010-06-29) – interesting take on Microsoft’s current position in an interview of Mark Anderson (Strategic News Service)

Apple’s iPhone 4: Thoroughly Reviewed – AnandTech

Amazon Buys Daily Deals Site Woot | paidContent – interesting move particularly when you think about’s Gold Box daily offer initiative

Microsoft Suddenly Hangs Up On KIN | paidContent – Holy Cow! Someone is going to be so fired for this. Apparently, they are doubling down on Windows Mobile 7. Microsoft took an interesting business in Danger and the Sidekick device and blew it

Yahoo To Spend Up To $3 Billion More On Share Buybacks | paidContent – interesting that they are not leaving much cash for acquisitions or investments. Instead the money is being spent to try and reinflate the share price

AdMob’s final mobile metrics report details the battle between Google and Apple | Econsultancy – interesting numbers on Android client satisfaction being lower than iOS

Sent from my iPhone – interesting take on the ‘textification’ of email. Funnily enough I used to use UNIX shorthand in emails, which was very similar to text speak and everyone I know now writes SMS longhand

SEOmoz | Overcome the Google Analytics Learning Curve in 20 Minutes

This is how Google works | – lovely infographic