Your brand is in the toilet, word-of-mouth has its hand on the chain to flush

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No grand strategy or theories, just a couple of stories for you.

Within the Nokia eco-system the US-based Symbian Guru blog was a good rallying point for the community. So when its contributors signaled the end of the blog and wrote an open letter to readers explaining why they where quitting the brand for the rival Android platform it hurt.

Ricky Cadden and Rita El Khoury’s points hit home because they knew their target well, their frustration shone through as the words were as much a plea for change as an abandonment of the Nokia phone range.

The second story comes from a real-world conversation I had.

I nipped out at lunchtime to have a new set of lens fitted to my 80s vintage Ray-Ban Wayfarer glasses frame.

The guy in the shop admired the frames, we talked about other Ray-Ban’s I had and he said that buying vintage was the way to go as he felt since Italian manufacturer Luxottica had bought out the Ray-Ban brand from Bausch + Lomb, quality had taken a back seat. He went on to allege that the optics were all made in China and only assembled in Italy to cut costs and maximise profits.

Modern Ray-Ban Wayfarer frames apparently no longer felt solid and the quality of the lens couldn’t match the likes of Bausch + Lomb’s Ambermatic photochromic glass.