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Comparing urbanization in China and India – McKinsey Quarterly – China has been very smart in its approach, India looks like a train wreck waiting to happen, but they still have the time to turn it around

Bongal: The Interests Network – but will its specialism be able to eat into Facebook

Twitter to work with Groupon, Gilt deal sites on ‘earlybird’ offers –

China’s Internet Gets Around to Security – WSJ – government looking at convergence of TV with the internet and concerned at the amount of malware | spamming happening on Chinese computers

Google Keyword Targeting Tool Launches Globally | WebProNews – will broad targeting squeeze inventory further?

Explore Hong Kong with CNNGo TV |

How the Old Spice Videos Are Being Madecrackunit’s Iain Tait gives the skinny on the campaign

Adobe Announces Open-Source Collaboration with Sourceforge

OgilvyOne Connected – online consumer behaviours in Asia

What’s Really Going on Behind Murdoch’s Paywall? – interesting reaction from PRs who are snubbing Times for publications that provide better visibility

Linda McMahon, CT Senate Candidate, Slammed By Mothers Group Over WWE Past (VIDEO) – powerful campaign ads

MediaPost Publications Starbucks Tops 10 Million Facebook Fans 07/15/2010

Omnicom Will Funnel Hundreds Of Millions Of Display Dollars Through Google | paidContent – intelligence for guaranteed cashflow, where does this leave the likes of Nielsen?Apple to hold special iPhone 4 press conference on Friday | The Loop

Google Begins Phasing Out YouTube Accounts – seems to be following the flickr playbook in the way that they’ve handled this

Survey: RIM’s BlackBerry Losing Favor Among Consumers | John Paczkowski | Digital Daily | AllThingsD – a bit weird this one, as BBM has taken off amongst young people

Historious: The bookmarking tool I’ve been waiting for has finally been built. What took so long? – replacement for delicious?

ACTA so transparent, the text still has to be leaked – EU has little to gain, all of the complaints from the public and experts still remain

Under Surveillance: comic on digital civil rights in Europe – Boing Boing

Why the RIAA Doesn’t Mind Losing Money on Lawsuits | TorrentFreak

Teen Retailer American Eagle Outfitters Embraces Small Fries – – couldn’t extend their brand into adult ranges

Old Spice Voicemail Generator | By Chriswastaken, Area, and Nelson Abalos Jr | Thanks to Reddit – you know your ad campaign is smart, when other people start doing your advertising for you

Happy Customers Tell 3 Friends, Unhappy Customers Tell Google

Why Facebook friends are worth keeping – tech – 15 July 2010 – New Scientist – loose network ties have value

Communities Dominate Brands: An 8 Segment Model to Analyze Smartphone Market, Consumers and Handsets

GE plans to leverage sponsorship in UK – Warc News – Warc

Tell-All Author Riffs on Music Industry in Crisis; Part 1 | Epicenter |

40 Hong Kong foods we can’t live without |

Apple’s iPad Is Going To Destroy The Netbook Market, Says Goldman (Sorry, Microsoft)A survey of 90 hedge fund CTOs isn’t exactly a comprehensive study, but it’s worth making one additional observation: Hedge funds are freakish about security. So if this many of them are planning to swap netbooks for iPads, it seems Apple has overcome the security concerns that initially hindered corporate iPhone adoption.

You Can’t Appreciate How Completely Apple Has Humiliated The Cellphone Industry Until You See These Charts

Uh Oh: Microsoft Office 2010 Sales “Disappointing” – Don Dodge predicted that this would happen in interviews after joining Google

Microsoft Is Trashing Us For Not Eating Enough Crow About Bing’s Market Share Gains – but Bing is hemorrhaging cash

ISP Music Levy, Legal P2P Back On Royalty Agenda | paidContent

Hewlett-Packard Partners With China’s Communist Youth League to Reach Rural Consumers – AdAgeChina – university students working as tech and internet evangelists. And the headline is fantastic as well ^_^

L’Oreal Freshens Up Yue Sai’s Image With Edgy Web Series – AdAgeChina – using web TV to reposition and reinvigorate a brand

P&G Turns Virtual Makeover App Into Max Factor Contest – AdAgeChina

New Rules To Reach China’s Social Media Users – AdAgeChina – adoption curve considered to be much flatter by Ogilvy

AppleInsider | Apple acquires online mapping company Poly9 – report

TelecomTV | Nokia Siemens set to snap-up Motorola’s comms equipment business – further wireless industry consolidation

New breed of consumers emerges in China – Warc – Li Ning tries to rebrand its sportswear business to embrace them

THE 99 – interesting project about engaging young people in the Middle East and beyond

Old Spice | Facebook – facebook app of the US campaign

How your cell phone’s autocorrect software works, and why it’s getting better. – By Farhad Manjoo – Slate Magazine

5 Ways Social Media Helps Promote Good Health

YouTube – oldspice’s Channel – I love way they’ve extended it into personalised responses for Twitter users

The Halifax Holiday Matchmaker tool is at your disposal | Mobile Industry Review – nice facebook app implementation

Marketing, Online shopping on the rise in APAC | – I have noticed how travel has taken off in Hong Kong

Communities Dominate Brands: AT&T CTO claims US leads in mobile. Paging Truth Police? – basically AT&T are deluded

Omnicom deconstructs | – interesting how few of the pioneer digital shop brands remain

MediaPost Publications Pampers Partners With Abbott For Web Series 07/14/2010 – interesting brand collaboration rather than worrying about brand dilution

The profession that dare not speak its name | The Australian – interesting perspective on the state of PR as an academic subject and a profession.

MediaPost Publications Top Execs Dish About Social Media Strategies 07/14/2010 – some good advice

Conspiracy For Good – Majestic meets social conscience