On the sofa: Sex In The City 2

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For those people that believe in karma and reincarnation I must have been very bad in a former life because I sat through Sex In The City 2. I delayed posting this as I wanted develop my thoughts on the film, rather than tearing off into a rant.

In advance of the film, I got a quick brain dump on the main protagonists so had a moderately good idea of what to expect from the characters.

The film started well with an MGM-esque gay wedding with Liza Minelli belting out Beyoncé’s ‘Single Ladies‘ but then went downhill. At first it was just minor actors had cod Oirrish accents and then production item things started to bug me like the fact Sarah Jessica Parker’s character Carrie had an apartment that felt as personal as a hotel room. This all meant that the suspension of disbelief necessary to follow the plot was shattered.

The Middle Eastern plot line played to many American stereotypes of the region that felt more Carry On Up The Khyber than a modern drama should. This film does for Abu Dhabi what Sasha Baron Cohen’s Borat did for Kazakhstan. Arab societal conservatism is mocked and violated by Samantha (played by Kim Cattrall).

I was really surprised that for a show which had a decade or so to develop the characters, everything felt so two-dimensional.  The whole film felt like the cynical abuse of presumably had been a powerful franchise.