Links of the day

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Amazon’s Former Chief Scientist on Influence, Twitter’s Fake Audience, and iPad Sex Appeal | Fast Company – some interesting prespectives on social media

Windows Phone 7 a ‘disaster’ says Infoworld after developer demo | Technology | – could Microsoft have a completely screwed ‘Vista-like’ mobile strategy on its hands?

Fear and Loathing in the World of Korean e-Sports « Viceland Games – there are similar issues around showbusiness as well

Communities Dominate Brands: Lets do Bloodbath update, Samsung Bada, Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Beam.. oh and some iPhone, Google, Nokia too – interesting the way Samsung is democratising iPhone style handsets and Nokia customers are reluctant to recommend(Tomi uses ashamed to own)

Ten extensions that give Firefox new reach | ZDNet UK – some handy lifehacks here

Diigo – Web Highlighter and Sticky Notes, Online Bookmarking and Annotation, Personal Learning Network. – reminds me yet again of prescient the social search projects I worked on at Yahoo! were

Libertarianism (isn’t) for Dummies | The Next Great Generation

Hong Kong: Don’t Shop? Don’t Come – WSJ – social media storm for Hong Kong tourism

End of processor golden age predicted – The Inquirer – this is coming from SEMICON so has credibility

Google Defends Mobile: Android Costs Are “Not Material”

Google’s fight to keep search a secret – CNET News – opening it up could be a Pandora’s box with spammers, scammers and SEOs polluting the hell out of it and rendering it useless

GreenFingers goes digital | – I am really impressed by some of the great digital work that comes out of Malaysia

Squeeze Hidden Functionality Out of Every Corner of Your Mac with the Option Key

Little Cannibalization between Email, SocNets – email isn’t dead despite what Facebook would like to have you believe

Socialite – All your social networks in one application – nice aggregator for OS X – hardware hackers

Toshiba angers Spain by reneging on World Cup refund promise – Toshiba has a Hoover moment