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Focus On… UK – billion pound market, but no comment on how it will be affected by government cutbacks

Magid: Computer technology has eased many tasks but not the workload – – a need reminder of how technology changes things: building a better treadmill

Why Web host shut down 73,000 blogs a mystery | Media Maverick – CNET News – but no one is saying why, beyond the fact that isn’t copyright related. This has a number of people spooked about government intervention in apparently free media. Could be child porn, could be terrorism or it could be a super-injunction – no one is saying. Freedom (as in freedom-of-speech isn’t black-and-white but a continuum)

Times’ Paid Model: The Unofficial Numbers Come In | paidContent:UK – Registration wall caused a halfing of traffic numbers, pay wall apparently has about 15,000 subscribers. There are 12,500 iPad subscribers – not sure if that is in addition to the paywall number. Dan Sabbagh’s back of a fag packet calculations show how poorly The Times is doing out of digital compared to print

3neXt – not sure what 3 are doing here but maybe a useful resource

Digital media key for food and beverage brands

Older consumers go online in Germany – and given the birth rate decline, this could be a huge market for digital agency clients who want to target them

Zune Pass comes to U.K. | Digital Noise: Music and Tech – CNET News – I can see Apple, Bleep and Spotify bricking themselves now, however we should also see an improvement in the quality of Microsoft TV ads

Dotz – simple but well designed ideas for cable organisation

PatientsLikeMe : Patients Helping Patients Live Better Every Day – interesting information, that crowdsources information on patients which can be mined

Ushahidi :: Crowdsourcing Crisis Information (FOSS) – crowdsourcing updates

One in three British Adults not heard of ‘Big Society’ – which may have been a good thing for the Conservatives? It shows how random message penetration can be

Burberry Tightens Grip with China Deal – interesting the way they have been slicing licencing deals and taking out partners

After Tumult, Debt Worries Ease in Europe – NYTimes.comEconomists warn that the optimism over Europe’s prospects could prove temporary, a pause before another step down. On Friday, European regulators are to publish the results of stress tests of 91 European banks, a belated attempt at transparency along the lines of the tests the United States carried out last year.

A Japanese Steve Jobs? | The Japan Times Online – nice profile of Tadashi Yanai, CEO of Fast Retailing who runs Uniqlo

Unboxed – Rewarding Consumers for Providing Personal Data – – it will be interesting to see how this pans out in terms of consumer acceptance, ethics and privacy concerns

Editorial – Meanwhile in Basel – – New York Times doesn’t think that the Basel Committee of banking regulators are pulling their weight.

Kroes on open source in public administrations: “Attitudes are changing” — interesting how its only taken a decade to get open source on the agenda of the EU

OpenSolaris governing board threatens dissolution – The H Open Source: News and Features – I hope Oracle gets off its crack pipe and recognises the value in OpenSolaris

The Rich Catch Everyone Else’s Cutback Fever –  – signs of a double dip recession?