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TelecomTV | Europeans to be told what information is kept on them. Brits left in the dark – as usual – two-tier disclosure from a privacy perspective

Exclusive: Google, CIA Invest in ‘Future’ of Web Monitoring | Danger Room | – prediction of user intent as well as understanding the context of a search

Facebook Officially Launches Questions, A Possible Quora Killer – things are starting to get crowded with Yahoo! Answers, LinkedIn Answers, Quora, and Ask in the space. The key thing is going to be the quality of the information, which will depend on the community and audience demographics. This may play against Facebook and benefit Ask

WPEngine: Top-tier WordPress hosting for the rest of us | :Ben Metcalfe Blog

Blake Fleetwood: Exclusive: NYT Columnist Faces Civil and Criminal Charges, But New Law May Get Him Off The Hook – The money quote: But Internationally U.S. authors are daily being silenced by the odious laws of England, Australia, Germany, Brazil, Indonesia, Singapore and other countries that make it so easy to curtail the robust free speech traditions of the U.S. that make democracy possible.

IAC’s Diller: ‘I Was Wrong About Search Competition’ | paidContent – gives weight to the argument that Bing is on a hiding to nothing. On the flipside it is also a bit said as Bing and Google have been borrowing heavily from a look and feel pioneered by Ask

Pepsi’s Summer Campaign Journeys Back to China’s Literary Past – AdAgeChina – News – tapping into heritage to allow the brand to become further rooted in the Chinese market

PharmaLive: Pfizer Starts Social-Media Channel On Popular Site – Pfizer gets on Slideshare

Half of site searches are unsuccessful: report | Econsultancy – this has been an issue for a long time (since the rise of e-commerce), surprised that it is so intractible

MediaShift . 5Across: Beyond Content Farms | PBS – fascinating discussion on content farms

The Weekly Buzz: Bawang Innovates with Microblogs During Time of Crisis | China IWOM Blog- Making Sense of the Buzz

Akamai State of the Internet: Asia dominates in internet speeds, U.S. ranked 16th « Boy Genius Report – the west has a relatively poor performance

How Big is Social Media in the UK? [VIDEO]

Old Spice Sales Double With YouTube Campaign

HOW TO: Use Annotations to Promote Your Brand on YouTube – good stuff here for when video is used in a campaign

Search Dominates Social Media When Shopping Online: Study

Forrester punctures Location Based Bubble – broadstuff – they don’t think that it has a deep enough reach in the population yet

There will be blood: why Apple and Intel are destined to clash – I am not so sure on this, Given OS X multiplatform capabilities you could see iOS devices running on custom X86 core silicon in the years to come fabbed by Intel

vChatter Becomes Family-Friendly Alternative to Tawdry Chatroulette | Fast Company – interesting how tweaks in community management and design can make so much of a difference

Baidu Dealing With Its Own Chinese Issues | The Big Money – preparing to dominate mobile search in China as well

Asiajin » NHN Japan Shakes Hands With 70 Game Developers To Enter The Social Game App Business

Altimeter Report: The 8 Success Criteria For Facebook Page Marketing « Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang | Social Media, Web Marketing – great content on effective Facebook marketing

Asia’s Leadership Struggle – – nice article on leadership that is actually global in perspective

Learning From China’s Online Advertisers « The China Tracker – – in many ways the Chinese media market is leading the way for the west

European Governments Unleash Online Gambling to Help Fill Coffers – – pragmatism reigns in Europe

Backlinks Checker Tool – Backlink Watch

Intel demos 50-Gbit/s silicon optics – faster computer interconnects

MeeGo in-vehicle win gives embedded Intel a boost – Intel seems to be benefiting more from MeeGo than Nokia is