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Mark Zuckerberg: Privacy Settings Hurt Site Engagement – you heard it here first, why Facebook wants to screw its community over – Better for Gates not to have taken the money than giving it back as charity – interesting article by columnist Jake van der Kamp on the history of Microsoft and its legacy of no-to-low innovation

Digital Pharma: Novartis game takes aim at ticks | InPharm

Eureka Streams – interesting open source project from Lockheed-Martin. Similar in some respects to Drupal it provides a social network-like functionality

Will Yahoo China Find A Search Suitor? – China Real Time Report – WSJ – Baidu makes much more sense

How Vinyl Records Are Made–And How to Pirate A Vinyl Record | DO IT: Projects, Plans and How-tos – this made me chuckle,  the record would need a really good clean. Zippo lighter fuel does that really well

Don’t DI-lete: A Weekly Digital Influence Update for China – Ogilvy’s handy newsletter is worth checking out

Richard Edelman – 6 A.M.: Redemption – a more realistic take on enterprise software rollout

@christineptran » Shopping on Hallmark’s Facebook page – conducting ecommerce where audiences are

Apple – Safari Extensions Gallery – playing catch-up with Firefox and Chrome

Results of third IPA TouchPoints Survey – The interesting bit: 37% of adults claim to social network each week — as we know, this group is particularly skewed towards 15-34s particularly 15-24s, and those either still studying or working full-time and also has a slight female and ABC1 bias. The incidence of social networking also has a strong regional bias towards London and the South East: with the notable exception of the North West, the rest of the country are much lighter social networkers.