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Android’s Serious Piracy Problem Costs Developers Big Money – why anybody thinks Android is good for anybody beyond Google or Baidu is beyond me. You are there to get screwed like program developers were on DOS and Windows

When Will A Microsoft Tablet Come Out? – not for another 12 months or so, this is like the iPod versus the Zune

Only Bill Gates Can Fire His BFF Steve Ballmer – it looks like Apple and Google are probably good bets for another few years yet then

Three U.S. Carriers Team Up On Developing Credit Card Competitor | mocoNews – OK so some companies that I dislike but having a billing relationship with, want to replace some other people who I dislike and have a billing relationship with. Sounds like a better mousetrap to me

When Men Were Boys and Boys Were Stupid – Cringely on technology – I like the way Bob shows the cyclical nature of technology and find it a bit sad to think that most people who read this blog won’t know what a VAX system was or why Sun Microsystems mattered

With iPad, Apple is No. 3 in portables – Apple 2.0 – Fortune Tech – another take on the PC market

Mysterious ‘insurance file’ posted on WikiLeaks’ ‘Afghan War Diary’ | Irish Examiner – interesting security play

Halo: Reach quitters to be “penalised” Xbox 360 News – Page 1 | – screw the n00bs turns computer gaming into the Harley Davidson syndrome as new customers are disincentivised from getting on board

Microsoft Cut IE8 Privacy Features to Sell Ads – no real surprises here

Ballmer (and Microsoft) still doesn’t get the iPad – PC paradigm vs. media consumption appliance

Peeking Inside the iPad’s A4 Heart — Nikkei Electronics Asia – interesting take on Apple’s semiconductor strategy – the PA Semi and other purchases are about getting in expertise of people who can get the most out of their semiconductor partners. What is doesn’t explain is how or why (if there is a why beyond corporate real politik) Apple burned so many PA Semi staff that they upped sticks and went elsewhere so soon after the acquisition?

Apple has mysteriously pulled the videos of rival phones suffering a drop in signal bars due to “death grip.” – legaled?

Shimbashi Station arrival tune changed to whiskey jingle | – smart bit of ambient | audio branding that will have an impact

Monocle: ‘It’s the media project that I’ve always wanted to do’ – Press, Media – The Independent – quality product and attention to detail

Warner Bros. Spams Bloggers, Then Lashes Out Against Reactions

The Web’s New Gold Mine: Your Secrets – – I have said for a while, but I think society needs to work out what is acceptable practice online from both individuals and corporates. Stories like this whilst nothing new in terms of content make me feel that that reckoning is coming closer

Hacker tries to read a radio identification tag from 29 floors up (video) | VentureBeat – needs a powerful transmitter to get the passive device to respond

Listerine liquid toothpaste › Japan Today – I really like they way that they have turned a product on its head

UK fails to rank in the internet speed chart | T3 magazine – not terribly surprised

BespokeMe. Apsley of London tailors

Inside IBM’s Hursley lab with The Inquirer