Links of the day

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Vending Machine Detects One’s Sex And Age To Recommend Appropriate Drinks – interesting mix of technologies

How publishers have to balance laws on free speech and privacy | Pinsent Masons LLP – interesting background on how privacy rights versus of freedom of speech in the EU

Negative Reaction to Charity Campaign: German Millionaires Criticize Gates’ ‘Giving Pledge’ – SPIEGEL ONLINE – interesting articulate counterpoint to Bill Gates’ charity donations call – VURT – online comic version of the Jeff Noon book

RWoP – Real Women of Philadelphia – helped raise cream cheese sales by 6 per cent

News Corp to sell TV stations to China private equity firm – China Economic Review – what is the most interest is the sale of a film library

CovetLDN – new fashion and entertainment blog by my old mukka Alex Banks

Ethics fall behind price among German shoppers – Warc – paradox between consumer attitudes and actions

Don’t Get Fireballed | brown blog – apparently WP Super Cache allows you to serve up pages much faster

Apple Buys Liquidmetal IP « IDSA Materials and Processes Section – liquidmetal is a zirconium-based alloy that is tough but not brittle

Sunday Times avoids punitive damages over unauthorised Jimi Hendrix CD | Pinsent Masons LLP

The Guide DB. Find your guide to any topic. – need to give this a try sometime

38 Degrees | Dominic Raab MP Tells Constituents “Don’t email me…it’s becoming a real nuisance” – if this goes to court it may also have implications for things like media list. At the moment the Information Commissioners guidance looks as if it goes against Mr Raab

Lobby Group Politics | Dom Raab’s Blog – wake up and smell the coffee; life as a connect MP sucks.

FDA Dings Novartis for Facebook Widget – Health Blog – WSJ – good clarification on what is appropriate though – “FUNCTIONALL” trend briefing – missed these developing world products first time around but I loved the thinking

BBC News – Today – The ‘rarefied circles’ of fame – not sure what to think about Julia Hobsbawn’s interview on the Today programme

Hong Kong moviemakers filming 3D porno, bringing us one step closer to VR whoopee [Holodeck Sex] – not surprisingly adult entertainment industry adopts 3D video, I am surprised that it isn’t out of the San Fernando valley. America losing its way on innovation?

Bronte Capital: Follow up on the “geek post” – interesting take on Windows

Microsoft shares retreat after downgrade“Our research is indicating that Microsoft is unable to connect with the new generation of users,” some of the numbers are out of wack but the overall sentiment fits the analysis given earlier in the year by Don Dodge. A lot of this seems to be from a failure in marketing as much as product issues

Asian corporations target foreign firms – expansion focused on North America and China. Other countries avoided due to concerns about long term economic conditions and corporate governance issues | bribery

Kraft boosts adspend, cuts back on promotions – trying to pull back value into the brand post-recession

Focus On Brazil’s PR market – interesting online media eco-system

Chris Lee (Asylum) – | – great interview with the creative force behind a Singaporean branding and identity agency