Links of the day

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Google Product Ideas – I didn’t realise that Google crowdsourced its product roadmap, getting customers to vote on features and recommend new ones

BuzzFeed Offers Secrets to Viral Web Hits | AllThingsD – how can you not want to look at a presentation with a title like Mormons, Mullets and Maniacs

vinyl recorder – cut your own vinyl discs

audioScope – amazing collection of hi-fi

Social Media Analytics – How’s your Blog doing on Facebook and Twitter? – I can see this being almost as addictive and even more narcissistic as having Google alerts set up for one’s name

Stefano’s Linotype » Dalvik: how Google routed around Sun’s IP-based licensing restrictions on Java ME – more insight into the current Oracle | Google patent suit over JavaME

Chui Sui Central: Online’s measurement void – interesting article on the current lack of interest about online measurement and metrics from marketers in Hong Kong

Fighting Sexual Harassment at Samsung: Part 2 « The Grand Narrative – if Samsung really wants to grow into a global brand it needs to pull its processes together for handling sexual harrassment cases in a more sensitive way. Not even investment banks can get away with it any more. To quote Mao Zetong “Women hold up half the sky”, and the purse strings of many households in the west.

Oracle’s Google suit on Android – Oracle maximising the value of its patent portfolio, it will be interesting to see if they go to the ITC to stop importation of infringing phones

A Running List of Sponsored Conversations « Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang

Demand Media Faces Harsh Spotlight En Route to IPO – cost of content creation, even with a ‘content farm’ methodology

How Is 3D TV Doing? Some Data From Japan – aggressive price drops have yielded modest market gains

BBC: HTML5 Is Not Ready For Video And Sailing Off-Course | paidContent – standards implementation fragmentation

Anti-Piracy Failure Takes Down Creative Commons Videos | TorrentFreak – the technology doesn’t work. Makes you wonder what may constitute suspicious activity under the UK’s Digital Economy Act

Everyone Hates Google: Oracle Sues Search Firm Over Android Code – there will be blood

Kiffets: Xerox PARC Aims to Solve Information Overload – interesting project I need to have a look at over the weekend

Microsoft’s 2010 software ‘most complicated lock-in decision in years’ – interesting that there is little reason to move from Office 2007 to 2010

Will Chinese Shoppers Embrace Luxury Goods–Sans Logo? – China Tracker | Forbes – different market preferences affect global bands. Interesting contrast with western markets

Learn to Properly Coil Your MacBook’s Power Cord – prevents fires

How to win the Forrester Groundswell awards – by Josh Bernoff

Antitrust in a High-Tech World | Benton Foundation – interesting summary of a WSJ article on how antitrust is affecting the tech sector

BOINC – Open-source software for volunteer computing and grid computing.