Jargon Watch: Tradigital

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Thanks to Iain Tait for highlighting this phrase to me.  Tradigital (as in tragedy) was not as you might expect invented at Heishman Flillard, but instead seen in the pages of AdWeek.

Tradigital is an agency that has the strengths of traditional and digital agencies.

What is a tradigital agency going to do better? It’s going to integrate better. It’s going to understand and maybe even drive the brand strategy. Then it’s going to tell you how to bring it to life online.

A tradigital agency is the model of efficiency and efficacy. Imagine taking all that’s right about traditional models — and they’re still doing plenty right, by the way — and combining it with the savvy of digital experts.

Of course, it all sounds like utter tosh.

Kudos to: Talking Tradigital by April Donovan, AdWeek (August 1, 2010)