#CIPRSM: Social media no nos – or how to be a digital supervillain

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This is a presentation that I created as part of the summer of social media that the CIPR launched to improve and promote digital practices within the industry.

Good session with a mix of perspectives and attendees. Tellingly, I asked the group if they knew if their programmes complied with Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008, virtually no one in the room could tell me if their programmes complied or not. The industry as a whole needs to get hotter on compliance if it is to be trusted in the online arena by clients.

Featured videos

MBNA | Bank of America – One.

Leicestershire County Council IMPACT project.

Stewie from Family Guy’ reaction to Two girls, one cup – its easier to show in a presentation than the real video clip for obvious reasons.

Social media backlash to the Motrin Mom’s baby as a fashion accessory backache video created by New York agency Taxi.