Links of the day

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No Copyright Law: The Real Reason for Germany’s Industrial Expansion? – SPIEGEL ONLINE – Germany was buoyed by a vast amount of how-to publications covering science, agriculture and industry

SOPHISTICATION: Hirofumi Kiyonaga and Hiroshi Fujiwara | Hypebeast – I need to go and see this next time I am in Hong Kong

Minister hints that libel reform will create privacy law | Pinsent Masons LLP – at the moment a lot of it depends on case precedent interpreting EU Human Rights Act

ReputationOnline » Blog Archive » What will the new UK Bribery Act mean for PR? – brings the law more in line with local business practices, but does it handicap business in emerging markets?

BermanBraun, Starcom Enter Branded Entertainment Deal Worth $100 Million | paidContent – interesting deal with Lloyd Braun. Does Publicis think that well target adverting opportunties are going to be harder to come by in the next few years?

New Friendster Owner Plans To Remake Site Around Games | paidContent – no real surprise with this move

7 Services to Find and Reserve Your Name Across the Web – absolutely essential to prevent brandjacking

Apple Snags 48% of Mobile Profit Pie – running away with the profits

Google Winning Sign-In War, But Facebook Close Behind – sign-in services. Imagine that Yahoo! will take a kicking after borking a number of unrelated APIs, trust level is likely to go down amongst web devs

How to Use Mechanical Turk to Rock Conference Blogging – really good stuff here

danah boyd | apophenia » social divisions between Orkut & Facebook in Brazil – interesting class and status divide between Orkut and Facebook’s Pocket-Sized English-to-Japanese Emoticon Translator | Inspired By You – I love this

“Foursquare of China”: Interview with Jiepang Founder – state of where 2.0 in China, where this gets interesting is how it fits in with government licensed mapping services

Important API Updates and Changes (Yahoo! Developer Network Blog) – a lot of the search APIs are either going to be charged for, or turned off. Expect changes on the APIs relating to where 2.0 too

5 Steps To Create A Social Media Plan | Social Media Today – good starting point

Google Is From Mars and Facebook Is From Venus – this explains some of the mess-ups at Facebook

GE’s solid commitment to apps | Econsultancy – interesting B2B and B2C app examples

Magajin – interesting community site around user generated manga art and it also included crowdsourced translation of comments

danah boyd | apophenia » a few thoughts on name changes & reputation – interesting take on Eric Schmidt’s take that name changes will come commonplace as we run from our online identities / Management – How Seiko dissidents called time – fascinating tale of how Seiko cleaned house in its senior management

Pressitt – social media release service I hadn’t come across previously

Pampers takes on mommy bloggers and wins | SMI – not a win as this is a running battle but an interesting insight into their playbook