Links of the day

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Growing up fast: Vietnam discovers the consumer society – McKinsey Quarterly – interesting article on the growth of Vietnam

Find a foreign embassy in the UK – fiendishly handy resource from the FCO

Sony’s Appliance Wiring Technology Transfers Power, Data With One Cable — Tech-On! – crucial for portable displays displaying higher resolutions whilst keeping form factors mobile. Is this why iPhones are tablets?

RIMM: Morgan Stanley Turns Bearish; Sees Rapid Share Loss – – interesting that the sentiment has turned so dramatically agains RIM

Google Counts 100 Million Maps For Mobile Users | WebProNews

Is China Turning Japanese? – By Michael Pettis | Foreign Policy – interesting take on the Chinese economy, though not one I would agree with is still worth a read

Face-Off: Zuckerberg Versus the ACLU [Updated] | Fast Company – this isn’t a clash between business and society, but a clash of ideologies cracks Mainland China market | – Japanese online sales in China

Three Messages for EMI | Forrester Blogs – I am not convinced that a social experience will save music

Facebook Application Lets Retailers Import and Sell Etsy Goods – interesting social commerce application

Flood of 130,000 iPhone 4 Pre-orders Swamps Korea Telecom | AllThingsD – hmmm I wonder what this will mean for local champion Samsung?

5 Ways To Download Torrents Anonymously | TorrentFreak – handy for seeding content. Just remember just because its anonymous doesn’t mean that it won’t be ‘suspicious’ activity under the Digital Economy Act

Rim turns to qnx os for a tablet – The Inquirer – interesting, the 3Com Audrey ran on QNX a decade ago, at the time there was speculation that 3Com would compete against the recently spun off Palm with a QNX-powered PDA

Ogilvy On: Foursquare for Business (The Slides) – great presentation

THE BUND SIGHTSEEING TUNNEL – SHANGHAI – Modalux – I need to go and see this

Home Depot’s $20 EcoSmart LED light: What’s inside? – PowerSource | Blog on EDN – interesting how complex LED bulbs are and that heat is such an issue

How to Disable Facebook Places – Something on my tasklist for the weekend

More hotels give elites free wi-fi | Upgrade: Travel Better – highlights how much these hotels gouge travellers already

Styletrekker – some sort of web 2.0 meets fashion venture