Links of the day

Yahoo Completes Transition Of Organic Search To Microsoft – – all Bartz’d up

Discontent Grows With Facebook Places’ Ability To Tag Without Users’ Express Permission – Facebook up to its usual ‘screw the consumer’ tricks

Why Apple’s Dominance of the Download Market Really is a Big Deal | Forrester Blogs – or how the music industry screwed itself and its shareholders through myopia

German Privacy Law Bans Firms From Using Facebook to Vet Potential Employees | Fast Company – yeah like as if job candidates will be able to prove this unless someone at a company is stupid enough to tell them or write it down

How Marketers and Businesses Can Start Using Facebook Places

ARM Web site powered, in part, by ARM cores – will this do well where MIPS and SPARC have struggled

SSDs: Still not a ‘solid state’ business – interesting that they are down on SSDs becoming mainstream within the computer, but may succeed in the datacentre a la Blue Arc

danah boyd | apophenia » Social Steganography: Learning to Hide in Plain Sight – even more complex when you think about the work | client relationships that may be on social networks as well

Woopra there it is, an iPhone app for real-time web tracking and analysis. – alternative to Google Analytics?

The Jackie Chan Curse: Products Explode, Implode and Just Plain Fizzle – but then he does have a ridiculous amount of endorsement deals

Debunking Myths About China’s Youth Culture – Forbes – this could be as equally applied to the western world, great piece though